mentorship program.

Hands-on Love

Learn to cultivate the power of healing touch with focused attention that will enhance the experience of your students in their yoga practice with compassionate and courageous hands-on assists.

I will teach you how to create a strong foundation for your body while assisting, how to use your hands-on enhancements to encourage space, direction and breath, when it’s appropriate to take a student deeper in a pose and when it’s not. You will learn how to use your body to generate movement to reduce fatigue and develop confidence and ease assisting students of all levels.

Holding Space

Learn how to create a container that supports your students in their growth and transformation on the mat. Let me share my perspective on holding space, offering thoughtful guidance and tools required to create a neutral environment. Learn how to sequence safely and offer an accessible practice for all levels, allowing students to shape their experience. When students trust you in their physical bodies you will gain access into their head and heart space, creating space for deeper openings, allowing you an opportunity to remind them of who they already are: perfect, whole and beautiful beings.

Teaching Off the Mat

Learn how to get off your mat and into the room using your words and voice to guide students through their practice. You will learn techniques of how to speak with intention, using your words and voice as a prop to support and deepen their practice. We will focus on the use of positive language, effective cueing, tonality, projection and when to hold quiet space.

Mentoring Packages

Each package includes homework, feedback and love.

One Off –
One Focus

Three hours | $290 + HST

Three Months –
Focus Combo

Three hours each month | $790 + HST

Six Months –
Focus Combo

Three hours each month | $1490 + HST