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The Practice

Taking you back to the basics with stripped down yoga classes that require only your mat.

The Practice is offering uncomplicated yet challenging poses accompanied by powerful music and will be held at FEiST Studio until April 15th, 2020. This off the beaten path little gem is located at 239 1/2 Brock St.

The Practice is an opportunity to drop in and explore what it truly means to be yourself, add to what you already know and make space for what’s new, by releasing what no longer works.

Join me and my BFF, Jen Storring, every Wednesday evening from 6-7 and expect to leave feeling clear, inspired & alive.

The Fine Print:
– each class is drop-in and $10+HST
– we accept cold hard cash, debit & credit
– bring your yoga mat, water bottle & friends
– doors open at 5:45pm
– class begins promptly at 6:00p

simply yoga.

Well rounded teaching resists description, because to explain it all would be too much but to give nothing is too mysterious! I can assure a clear, supported experience that’s diverse. Some movement, some still stretching, some strengthening, and some mental calming. We do a little bit of it all without doing too much.

I bring a healing and thoughtful atmosphere that is meditative and emotionally freeing. Within safe-space and safe sequencing, I encourage students  to focus inward, re-energize, and try new things.

My instructions are clear and relatable. Students love my reassuring hands-on adjustments and calm soothing voice.

Janati Yoga School.

hatha yoga – 5:30pm – 75 minutes

hatha yoga – 9:30am – 75 minutes

hatha yoga – 10:00am – 75 minutes