zoom schedule.

simply yoga.

Well rounded, simple to follow classes with a clear, supported experience that’s diverse. Some movement, some still stretching, some strengthening, and some mental calming. We do a little bit of it all without doing too much.

I bring a healing and thoughtful atmosphere that is meditative and emotionally freeing. Within safe-space and safe sequencing, my clear and reliable instructions will encourage  you to focus inward, re-energize, and try new things.

zoom schedule.

We are social beings who thrive in human communion, connecting and sharing. I miss teaching live classes a lot and given that we’re more alike than unalike, I imagine you’re feeling its impact too. I’ve created a zoom schedule for us to get back on track and come together in a shared practice a few times a week. My thoughts are to keep it super simple: 2 mornings per week, same time each morning, one low price. Can’t wait to see you in the ethers so soon.

9:30 – 10:30am


 9:30 – 10:30am


10 classes – $100

This package is for those wanting to practice regularly + ease of purchase. No need to choose the same class each week, you take as many classes/week as you like. You can expect an email in your inbox with zoom link every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday morning, simply open your email and hop on the link when you want to take class.


drop-in – $10
For those wanting a one-off class, once in a while. Choose the day in the week you want to practice & I’ll email you the link morning of

yin & tonic zoom class.

Yin + tonic is the perfect blend of yin and restorative yoga that will leave you feeling grounded, softened, and profoundly relaxed. You’ll enjoy this restorative practice with a sweetening of “tonic” for your soul.

Sunday February 28th, 2021
5:00 – 6:00pm