about dallas.

My goal is to offer an all-levels class like no other through a healing and thoughtful atmosphere that is meditative and emotionally freeing.

I believe that a regular yoga practice has the power to teach us how to be more aware of our experiences, be connected to the moments, and simply be. When we practice remaining present to each moment on our yoga mats, it shows us a way of being more present in our day to day lives.  It reminds us to be kind, patient, and loving to ourselves, and in turn, to those around us.  I work to infuse all these elements of my yoga practice into every aspect of my life from parenting to washing my dishes.

My approach to teaching yoga is simple, accessible, and pragmatic. I focus on creating quiet spaces for the mind to calm down amidst the movement, work, and stillness of the body. My classes are powerful and gentle, a beautiful pairing to help you leave feeling nourished, supported, and loved.

First time students often return to my class for my clear and relatable instructions. Students love my reassuring hands-on enhancements and calm soothing voice. You will experience my dedication for teaching excellence in my classes, workshops and teacher trainings.

I am grateful for my wealth of education, from my friend, teacher and mentor, Seane Corn. Much love to my teachers Hali Schwartz, David Regelin, Bryan Kest and most importantly, my peers and students.

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